• HORIZON 2020 supports your investment projects At the H2020 Energy Efficiency Info Day in January, topics of the 2019 call were presented in a series of workshops - of which Mobilising Investment: PDA & HRS. 
  • Funding for energy efficiency in 2020 The last Work Programme for Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy under Horizon 2020 will be published on 2 July 2019.
  • Energy efficiency first You will have an opportunity to meet Horizon 2020 energy efficiency projects in a number of events at EUSEW19 - from the policy sessions to the energy fair.
  • Inspiration & Innovation As ManagEnergy is devoted to leading the clean energy transition, it will host more than one event during EUSEW. On the day after the ManagEnergy Talk, the Thursday 7th of June...
  • ManagEnergy Talk

    At the ManagEnergy Talk, Rob Hopkins will offer Learnings from the Transition movement, and how bottom-up change can make very real impacts ...

  • The second ManagEnergy Master Class The second ManagEnergy Master Class gathers 23 senior staff of Local and Regional Energy Agencies to learn about sustainable finance.
  • FINANCING CONDOMINIUM WORKS (In french) Read about renovation's potential for both human and financial investment! This document focuses on France and potentials for financing condominium works!
  • Accelerating energy renovation investments in buildings At today's renovation rate of around 1% of buildings per year, a timely transition of the EU building sector towards climate-neutral levels by 2050 cannot be ensured.
  • FINANCING AIR QUALITY PLANS This document is a supporting tool for the main actors at EU, national, regional, and local level to identify, integrate and improve traditional and innovative financing schemes for the...
  • EEFIG Underwriting toolkit EEFIG underwriting toolkit (Value and Risk Appraisal for Energy Efficiency Financing) makes it easier for financial institutions to carry out risk appraisals and assess value, for developers to...
  • Financing energy efficiency European Commission website - section about financing energy efficiency with EU objectives and instruments to support the transition to a clean energy system.
  • Joint Public-Private Approaches for Energy Efficiency Finance The Policy Pathway series is designed to guide government policy makers and other relevant stakeholders on the essential steps in implementing policies from the 25 IEA Energy Efficiency...
  • Mon 31. Aug 2020
    This event is organized for all German municipalities interested in applying to EUCF in order to ask questions.
  • Mon 7. Sep 2020 to Sun 13. Sep 2020
    The Virtual Island Summit is a free and entirely online event designed to connect global islands to share their common experiences through a digital platform. Join islanders from around the world to...
  • Fri 11. Sep 2020
    The ManagEnergy Team has promised you an inspiring Talk on the Energy Transition in 2020 and it is finally happening - virtually!
  • Wed 14. Oct 2020 to Fri 16. Oct 2020
    From October 14 to 16, 2020 the Joint Programming Conference Smart Energy Systems will bring together for the second time SET-Plan initiatives and funding networks in the field of energy systems and...
  • Wed 14. Oct 2020 to Fri 16. Oct 2020
    Join the Second Edition of the International Sustainable Energy Conference in Austria, 14-16 October 2020.
  • Tue 20. Oct 2020 to Thu 22. Oct 2020
    The EU Green Week will this year focus on nature and biodiversity, giving us the chance to rethink our relationship with nature and to weigh up the implications of our activities on the...