Master Classes Module 1 - Trainers' & Speakers Presentations

Aims & Objectives

The aim of this module is to develop the core skills and competences of Energy Agencies to understand, facilitate, and support an energy “investment concept” or project investment. The programme provides an overview of market facilitation services and that Energy Agencies can provide to enable projects to be progressed from concept through to implementation. The module covers topics such as activating market actors, identifying promising "candidate projects", aggregating projects through pooling (projects) and/or bundling (owners), and establishing contacts with the financing community.Financing tools and solutions are introduced, along with key approaches and finance knowledge. The module draws on experiences and knowledge from a range of relevant and successful EU Initiatives and Projects.

Note that this document only includes the Power Point Presentations made during the Module 1 Master Classes (19-21 February 2018; 7-9 May 2018; 29-31 January 2019). Oral interventions from other speakers that did not include any visual support also took place during the event. You can find bellow the full agenda and the list of speakers present during the Master Classes.

Download the Trainers' & Speakers Presentations HERE

Unit 1: Introduction & Brainstorming – Page 1

  • Update on energy efficiency policy developments: Diana Barglazan, DG Energy (p 2 – 18)
  • Overview of Module, Introduction of Trainers: Seamus Hoyne, Limerick Institute of Technology & Velimir Segon, REGEA (p 19- 39)

Unit 2:Market Facilitation – Page 40

  • Market Facilitation - Christiane Egger; OÖ Energiesparverband (p41-65)
  • Market Facilitation – Critical Factors & Considerations: Velimir Segon, REGEA (p66-85)

Unit 3: Assessing Project Financial Viability – Page 86

  • Financial Assessment Tools, Approaches & Requirements: Seamus Hoyne, LIT ; Paul Kenny, Tipperary Energy Agency (p86- 128)

Unit 4: Understanding Bank Finance– Page 129

  • Belfius and the role of Bank Finance:Joost Declerk, Belfius (p129- 153)

Unit 5: Project Development, Procurement & Management – Page 154

  • Case Study: Programme Development, Procurement & Management: Paul Kenny, Tipperary Energy Agency (page 155 – 170)

Unit 6: Case Studies – Aggregation – Page 171

  • Case Study: Picardie Pass – establishment & operation: Alice Morcrette, SPEE Picardie (p171 – 215)
  • Case Study: Project Bundling & Aggregation –2020Together: Silvio De Nigris, Piemonte Region (p215 – 252)

Unit 7: Portfolio Exercise – Page 253

Detailed Agenda & Press releases

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