Master Classes Module 2 - Trainers' & Speakers Presentations

Aims & Objectives

Within the energy sector, there is often a lack of understanding between technicians and financers. This is primarily due to the lack of common background and shared vocabulary. Project developers/facilitators typically will have a technical background and not be aware of the issues, options, opportunities, and challenges involved in financing energy projects using different financing options.

The aim of the module is to increase the knowledge of participants so that they can engage in a meaningful and successful manner with relevant stakeholders in the finance sector. On completion of this module, the learner will/should be able to explain main vocabulary and concepts related to corporate finance.

Note that this document only includes the Power Point Presentations made during the Module 2 Master Classes (19-21 September 2018; 3-5 April 2019; 14-16 October 2019). Oral interventions from other speakers that did not include any visual support also took place during the event. You can find bellow the full agenda and the list of speakers present during the Master Classes.

Download the Trainers' & Speakers Presentations HERE

Unit1: Introduction and Brainstorming - Page 1

  • Welcome and Policy Update: Dirk Peters, DG Energy(page 2 – 14)
  • Welcome and Introduction: Christophe Milin, EASME (page 15 – 24)
  • Overview of module, and Introduction of Trainers & Participants: Seamus Hoyne, LIT & Christoph Sappa, Berlin Energy Agency (page 25 – 36)

Unit 2: Fundamentals of financial analysis - Page 37

  • Fundamentals of financial accounting: Prof. Dr. Ursula Walther (HWR) (page 38 – 44)

Unit 3:Understanding Financial Instruments – Page 46

  • Characteristics of financial instruments: Prof. Dr. Ursula Walther (HWR)
  • Capital structure and leverage effect: Prof. Dr. Ursula Walther (HWR)

Unit 4: Basics of banking – Page 69

  • Core functions of a bank, sources of income and the essentials of financial intermediation: Prof. Dr. Ursula Walther (HWR)

Unit 7: Bank Presentation - Page 93

  • KfW practical experiences - What do they not support, and why? Mr. Bach, (KfW).  

Unit 8: EU support programmes – Page 129

  • An overview of European Initiatives to support financing of energy Efficiency: Christoph Milin, Michele Sansoni, EASME.

Unit 9: Brainstorming, Feedback and summary – Page 161

  • Final Conclusions: Seamus Hoyne (LIT) &​Christoph Sappa (BEA)

Detailed Agenda & Press Releases
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