Master Classes Module 3 - Trainers' & Speakers Presentations

After having explored Project Finance (Module 1) and Corporate Finance (Module 2), the aim of this module is to increase the knowledge of participants in the development and use of financial instruments with a focus on Risks management so that they can plan and implement the most challenging investment projects.

On completion of this module, the learner will/should be able to identify risks (notably of financial nature) and propose appropriate mitigation strategies, develop potential contractual outlines for Public/Private Partnership (PPP) solutions.

Aims & Objectives

Note that this document only includes the Power Point Presentations made during the Module 3 Master Classes (26-28 June 2019 and 3-5 February 2020). Oral interventions from other speakers that did not include any visual support also took place during the event. You can find bellow the full agenda and the list of speakers present during the Master Classes.

Download the Trainers' & Speakers Presentations HERE

Unit 1: Welcome session & Ice Breaking Session – Page 2

  • Refreshing module 1 and 2: Julije Domac (REGEA): Main outputs, vocabulary and contents from the previous modules, overview of module 3 (page 2 - 15) 
  • Fundamentals of risk assessment and mitigation: Velimir Šegon and Josip Čengija (REGEA): The different natures of risks, risk assessment methods, mitigation strategies, etc.(Page 16 – 45)

Unit 2: EU Finance – Page 46

  •  Focus on possible use of structural funds through Financial instruments: Velimir Šegon and Josip Čengija (REGEA)
  • Case studies: Croatia (p 47); Lithuania (p66); Estonia (p67) 

Unit 3: Guarantee schemes – Page 68

  • Presentation of the Houseenvest Project - Energy efficiency in multifamily houses: Daniel Encinas (AGENEX) 
  • Case study: Practical experience of AGENEX, an energy agency setting up a guarantee fund in Extremadura

Unit 4: Public-private partnership (PPP) & EPC – Page 95

  • General distinctions between PPP projects/contracts with energy standards and primarily EPC project/contracts (solely energy related contracts) ; Overview of general structure of PPP contracts with focus on output specifications and payment mechanisms: Josip Čengija (REGEA)

Unit 5: Output specification and payment mechanisms of PPPs – Page 118

  • Presentation on Output specification and payment machanisms of Private Public Partnerships: Julije Domac, Velimir Šegon and Josip Čengija (REGEA)

Unit 6: EU Regulatory frame and EU financing – Page 139

  • EU financing: PDA - practicalities: Martin Eibl, EASME (Page 140 - 165)
  • EU financing: ELENA – practicalities and case studies: Dinis Rodrigues, EIB (Page 166 – 190)
  • EU city facility Initiative: Mariangela Lucieri, FEDARENE (Page 191 - 238)
Detailed Agenda & Press Releases: 

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