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Nature-based solutions in Europe EEA Report: Policy, knowledge and practice for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction
The 15 circular steps for cities This document outlines problems facing many linear cities today, and argues the case for circular change. It highlights elements that make cities suitable as both cradles and catalysts for a circular...
Technology options: Transforming industries in coal regions... The European Commission has put together a toolkit to support coal regions in their energy transition.
Energy Performance Contracting in the Public Sector of the... One mechanism for increasing the uptake of energy efficiency projects is Energy Performance Contracting (EnPC).
A tool to calculate PV and storage optimization StoRES, an initiative by Interegg Mediterranean, has developed a tool that helps consumers calculate the optimal size for photovoltaïcs coupled with a storage system.
Design of Triple Function Substations in RELaTED pilots RELaTED released a new publication showing the benefits of substations technologies with two demo sites outcomes in Belgrade (Serbia) and Taastrup (Denmark).
New concept aiming at incorporating flexibility to EPC The H2020 project AmBIENCe introduced a new concept aiming at incorporating more flexibility to Energy Performance Contracting. 
Stocktaking study on financial instruments by sector FI Compass ERDF published a stocktaking study on financial instruments by sector analysing the use of financial instruments in the renewable energy sector
Tracking decarbonisation in the buildings &... BPIE and the GlobalABC developed the Buildings Climate tracker to measure decarbonisation of the buildings and construction sector.
2020 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT FOR BUILDINGS AND CONSTRUCTION The Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction highlights the recent progress of the buildings and construction gloabally towards the achievement of the Paris Agreement on Climate Chance...
Challenges and opportunities for local energy companies The CEDEC just released a report on hydrogen presenting its challenges and opportunities for local energy companies. 
Energy Transition Leaders Initiative Brochure OÖ Energiesparverband just released a brochure presenteing its new initiative: Energy Transition Leaders.
Social innovations for the energy transition Read this inspiring work giving empirical and theoretical evidence on the necessity of local actions to achieve our energy transition goals.
Data-driven model for energy meters for heat consumption Read this RELaTED paper presenting a data-driven model to better assess domestic heat consumption.
District Heating De-Carbonisation in Belgrade This paper, presented at Beyond 2020 digital event, summarizes the renovation plans for the District Heating network of the city of Belgrade.
ManagEnergy Publishable Report 2017 - 2020 Discover all the activities that the ManagEnergy Team led during those three years and how it helped energy agencies lead the Energy Transition.
CORDIS Results Pack on private finance for energy efficiency Check out CORDIS Results Pack features 10 EU-funded projects that have set a new dynamic for accelerating and upscaling private financing of energy efficiency investments across the EU
Residential energy efficiency financial instruments in LT Residential energy efficiency financial instruments in Lithuania aims to implement measures improving the energy efficiency of privately owned apartment blocks
EU Funding for Energy Renovation of Buildings for the... Renovate Europe published a visual on the EU Funding for Energy Renovation of Buildings for the period 2021-2027.
UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2020 The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) just released its annual emissions gap report reviewing the difference between between where greenhouse emissions are predicted to be in 2030 and where they should...