Kehoe Ketripack Case Study : SEAI BEC Programme
Philip Kehoe : “The 30% grant really made the project viable, along with substantial energy savings, it’s helping our farm to be more sustainable and helping us play our part in...
Optimising the Planification of Social Housing Renovations and Management of Buildings The Energy Push BIM methodology helps the housing stock in the SUDOE region (south-western Europe) become energy-efficient!
Asturias Project Development Assistance (PDA) project by FCH JU The Asturias project initiated within the Project Development Assistance by FCH JU aims to develop a full ecosystem of hydrogen production, transport, distribution and use of hydrogen in several sectors.
Testimony: the benefits of upgrading your home 3cea share testimonies from happy homeowners who have undertaken home energy upgrades. 
Why unconventional resources are key to expanding geothermal energy use At present, only a small proportion of the total power generated globally comes from geothermal resources, says Prof. Inga Berre.
Water in a loop: how to combat water scarcity on remote islands Discover the HYDROUSA H2020 project which creates water loops to treat and reuse water in remote areas.
Ventos De Poupança 2: Energy + Social The project “Ventos de Poupança 2” project aims at developing an inter-school competition in seven regions of Portugal involving 25 municipalities and 1.25 million people to encourage the adoption of good...
Raising awareness about Energy Sufficiency AREC Île-de-France launched a series of six workshops on energy sufficiency in order to integrate this issue into the regional energy and climate strategy. 
ClimaSTORY: an action tool on territorial climate change adaptation ClimaSTORY: a pedagogical reflection and action tool on territorial climate change adaptation
Hiking Booklet - Fostering Sustainable Mobility in kindergartens

The Municipality of Selnica ob Dravi have developed a special hiking booklet for children to encourage physical activity.

Bike test helps you make smart travel choices The EU project "Fossilfritt 2030 - Rena resan" (Fossil-free 2030 - A clean journey) has launched a bicycle test for those who need help to find the right bike and adopt a new habit.
Energy Advocate Severn Wye partnered with local charities and community organisations to deliver the Energy Advocate programme to support people facing fuel debt.