Crete’s Clean Energy Transition Roadmap Read about the establishment of the Action Plan for the Clean Energy Transition of the island of Crete, in Greece, led by the Crete Regional Energy Agency.
Promotion of Electromobility through Planning and Installation of EV Charging Networks in Greek Islands Discover how the Greek Islands adapted to the National Plan for E-mobility and the obligation for all Municipalities to develop Electric Vehicle Charging Plans (EVCPs), accompanied by AEGEA in collaboration...
Supporting Walloon local authorities in their work for Energy Transition From 2012 to 2017, Wallonia has supported the commitment of municipalities to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy – Europe through the Climate and Energy Policy Programme (POLLEC) implying a number...
Replacing diesel boiler with biomass in Aranda de Duero Discover the new biomass system installed in Aranda De Duero by the Castilla y León Regional Energy Agency with positive economic savings and environmental investments, in line with the REPLACE project.
Biomass boiler in Salamanca

Read about the benefits of replacing a coal boiler by a biomass boiler, accompanied by the Castilla y León Regional Energy Agency in a residential building in Salamanca city, Spain., as part of the REPLACE...

Duplex with a hydro-stove heating system Learn about the the biomass heating of a family living in a duplex, who invested for environmental reasons and heating comfort, in the framework of REPLACE, a European project aiming to make heating and...
Old diesel boiler room replacement in residential building, Oviedo, Asturias Discover how a residential building in the centre of Oviedo has gotten a biomass heating system with pellets, to achieve higher energy efficiency and release less CO2, in the context of REPLACE.
New single-family home, Asturias Discover the benefits of installing a pellet boiler in a single-family home in Asturias, including energy savings and price of installation, in the framework of the REPLACE project.
Innovative renewable Energy System in a residential household, Oviedo, Asturias In relation with the REPLACE project, find out how a biomass boiler as well as photovoltaic pannels were installed in a residential house.
Innovative heating replacement in Guisasola residential, Ovideo, Asturias The replacement of an old heating system in Ovideo, Asturias, by an innovative heating system has led to significant economical and emissions savings, in the framework of the REPLACE project.
Vacation house with heat pump on the island of krk Read about the five-star family house for rent in the village Gornja Hlapa, fuled by a heat pump, in the framework of the REPLACE project.
Family house using biomass in Rijeka Discover the benefits of investing in a modern and more environmentally friendly system for heating, pellets, in Rijeka, Croatia, in the framework of the REPLACE project.