Charge ahead! The Energy Agency of West Sweden implemented “Charge ahead!” project in 2017 to make electric vehicles charging more accessible.
Solar-powered irrigation system in Orbaso The Orbiso Irrigators’ Association has installed the Basque Country’s first self-consumption photovoltaic plant for pumping irrigation water. The total irrigatable land comes to 250 hectares, distributed...
NEDO Demonstration project on Smart Grid in Slovenia NEDO & ELES and their partners have started a three-year national demonstration project in Slovenia, with the main goal of demonstrating the implementation of smart grid at national level.
Sunny farms in the North North Sweden Energy Agency participates in a project aiming at increasing knowledge about the production and storage of solar energy for farms.
The City Council of Valladolid committed to solar energy

The Valladolid City Council has decided to continue betting on renewable energy for its buildings.

Streetlight LED Energy Efficiency ESCO project OesteLED developed OesteLED Streetlighting ESCO project, the biggest LED streetlighting project ever launched in Portugal, and one of the biggest in the world.
Energy-efficient projects in the Ústí Region In 2017, the Ústí nad Labem Regional government decided to use Energy Performance Contracting an several energy efficiecny projects have been conducted since.
EPCs with Result Guarantee in the Dolomites

29 Municipalities of the Belluno province took part in the 3L project (Less Energy, Less Costs, Less Impact) through EPC with Result Guarantee.

Energy transformation of kindergarten using Public Procurement of Innovation The Regional Energy Agency North and the city of Koprivnica carried out the first Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) in Croatia to fully transform a 35-year-old kindergarten building.
West-Liguria Port Authority Environmental Energy Plan IRE has supported the West-Liguria Port Authority in the drafting and development of its Environmental Energy Plan (PEAP), in compliance with the national Legislation.
Energy Performance Certificate in Catalonia ICAEN has an innovative way of managing the energy performance certification of buildings in Catalonia 
Energy DataHub of the Regional Administration of Castilla y León The Energy Datahub has been developed by EREN and consists of a compendium of computerised energy information in open data, obtained through the OPTE tool.