Vacation house with heat pump on the island of krk Read about the five-star family house for rent in the village Gornja Hlapa, fuled by a heat pump, in the framework of the REPLACE project.
Family house using biomass in Rijeka Discover the benefits of investing in a modern and more environmentally friendly system for heating, pellets, in Rijeka, Croatia, in the framework of the REPLACE project.
Joint Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation in Primorje Gorski Kotar County The Regional Energy Agency Kvarner prepared the first Joint Sustainable Energy and Climate Action plan in Primorje Gorski Kotar County in Croatia, to adapt to climate change focusing on the sectors of Water...
Family house with solar panels in Rijeka Learn about the example of a sustainable family house in Rijeka, Greece, fueled by solar panels in the framework of the REPLACE project.
Reduced heating bills by using pellets Read about the family house in the city of Zagreb using natural gas as the main source of energy, in the framework of the REPLACE project.
Heat pump in Zagreb’s upper town courtyard

Read about the renovation of a residential building built in 1850 to a more efficient heating system, with an air-to-water heat pump, in the context of the REPLACE project.

Low-energy family house in Zagorje Discover the renewable energy source systems of a family house in Croatia, with heat pumps and solar collectors for space heating and hot water preparation, in the framework of the REPLACE project.
Oeste Sustentável: a Leader in Sustainable Energy Projects and Investments Find out about the different activities developed by the OesteSustentável to lead the Portuguese Oeste Region through an impactful energy and climate strategy, in line with European and national goals.
Competitive through Sustainability 2030 The EU-funded project, “Competitive Through Sustainability 2030” owned by the North Sweden Energy Agency, explores how small companies can develop positive energy, climate, and sustainability actions in North...
Successful Steps in SECAP Implementation of Alba Iulia Municipality Read about the measures established by Alba Lulia, leading to the municipality winning the “Sustainable Community – European Energy Award” for Romania in 2021, in line with the Covenant of Mayors objectives...
Abruzzo Region Network of Education Centre for Environment: a reference for education

In the Abruzzo Region of Italy, a network of more than 40 Education Centres for Environment have been developed focusing on a regional plan of adaptation to climate change

European Climate Adaptation Award: Support for German Municipalities fighting Climate Change Discover the European Climate Adaptation Award, developed by the B.&S.U., which is a quality management process to integrate climate adaptation to municipalities in Germany, after the flood disaster that...