Long-term strategic work for energy efficiency in buildings The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden supports municipalities for energy-efficient management through the international project Act NOW. 
Innovative Solutions for Public Lighting in Smart Cities AGIRE implemented DIADEME, a new smart system dedicated to street lighting in urban environments fo real time adaptive regulation of light flow.
Motivating SMEs to be more efficient and use RES Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. implemented a project to raise awareness and capacity of entrepreneurs to enhance energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in their businesses.
LoCASE - Low Carbon Across the South East The Low Carbon Kent Team at Kent County Council has been leading a partnership of local authorities and higher education bodies in transitioning SMEs to more sustainable practices since 2016.
First fire station of the Czech Republic in a passive standard built in the Zlín Region The Energy Agency of the Zlín Region (EAZK) initiated the construction of the first fire station of the Czech Republic in a passive standard.
Smart Villages – the village of the future The Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria (eNu) developed Smart Villages project through a holistic approach for all areas of life.
The Energy Agency of Plovdiv uses Positive Energy Blocks for Smart Energy Transition EAP Plovdiv implemented "Positive City Exchange" project aiming to The to deliver positive energy blocks (PEB) through integrating smart positive energy solutions and digital energy services.
Multi level regional governance for theclean energy transition of the Crete Island The Regional Development Fund of Crete is currently implementing a roadmap for the island’s clean energy transition through a systematic procedure of multi-participatory dialogue.
Samsø inspires sustainable communities around the world The Samsø Energy Academy (Denmark) led a pilot project funded by the KR Foundation to share its experience, build capacity and provide leadership development opportunities about susainable communities...
The role of citizens and municipalities in advancing the Energy Transition Abruzzo Region is committed to making citizens more and more involved in all phases of regional policy, from the planning to the monitoring, in order to accelerate the energy and green transition. 
Kvarner islands as lighthouses of Primorje Gorski Kotar region’s decarbonisation In the past couple of years, the Regional Energy Agency Kvarner (REAK) initiated a number of projects that promoted energy self-reliance and the carbon neutrality of islands, which are considered to have a...
Gozo, an eco-island in Malta Together with the Gozo Regional Council, MIEMA recently set up the Gozo Regional Development Foundation to offer tailored services for the eco-island.