Small-scale Waste-to-Energy Projects in the Canary Islands The Canary Islands Institute of Technology have recently launched two innovative waste-to-energy pilot projects.
The TIPPING Approach - Guiding innovation governance on islands towards a more sustainable future The TIPPING Approach - Guiding innovation governance on islands towards a more sustainable future.
Energy retrofitting of municipal buildings in Greek islands AEGEA and DAFNI promote the uptake of energy efficiency measures for the municipal buildings in the Greek Archipelago.
3 Counties Energy Agency Powering the Energy Transition in the South East of Ireland Earlier this year, 3CEA launched its Regional Energy Transition Strategy to 2030 – a strategy that helps map the path they are going to have to follow together.
Transformation towards Energy and Climate Agencies in Croatia REGEA supports the transformation of energy agencies into energy and climate agencies within the framework of the EIT Climate-KIC funded project Transform4Climate.
Mixed Commission to assess the impact of the energy transition The Asturias Energy Foundation (FAEN) has coordinated within the regional government the «Mixed Commission to Assess the Impact of the Energy Transition in Asturias».
The European Energy Award (eea) - Systematically contributing to municipal climate protection The European Energy Award (eea) is a quality management and certification scheme aimed at municipalities and regions committed to sustainable energy, climate protection and transport policies.
Supporting Walloon local authorities in their work for energy transition The Walloon Region launched a call for municipalities in 2020 to hire a coordinator for their Energy and Climate Action Plans and to make investments for these plans.
Tipperary Energy Agency The Success Story Tipperary Energy Agency’s mission statement is to lead the delivery of sustainable energy solutions in Tipperary and beyond, by advocating, educating, and innovating on climate action.
Energy Renovation and Management in the Municipality of Celje The municipality of Celje (Slovenia) developed a new local energy concept to enhance the quality of air of the city but reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions and increase its use of renewable energy...
Jump from 70s to Future - Building Renovation in Tartu In July 2020, the biggest renovation project in Tartu was completed! 32 071 m2 were renovated, providing residents with better quality housing.
Networks for energy efficiency result in dramatic reductions in energy consumption In 2016, the Mälardalen Energy Agency started the project “Networks for energy efficiency” which now counts 40 SMEs making significant efforts for energy efficiency.