ALEA projects for supporting local authorities sustinable energy policies The outcomes of ALEA projects for supporting local authorities sustinable energy policies were showcased during the final Conference of the SUPPORT Project.
Deploying Hydrogen Economy in Slovenia A consortium of regional partners led by the energy agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška (KSSENA) is developing an investment project for deploying a replicable, balanced and integrated hydrogen economy.
Tipperary County sets PV panels at a landfill site See how Tipperary County Council generates renewable energy by using local assets such as landfill sites.
Improving energy efficiency of cold chains Check out how ESCAN improves the energy efficiency of cold chains thanks to Solar-PV!
How Upper Austria is eliminating oil heating The region of Upper Austria and its energy agency, OÖ Energiesparverband (ESV) works to get rid of oil heating to replace it by affordable and highly efficient renewable resources with their campaign AdieuÖI.
How to use wood to decarbonise our building stock They can capture more carbon than they emit. So why aren’t wooden buildings mainstream?
Construction and demolition waste in Central Finland Central Finland coordinates CIRCAWASTE project in its region, promoting efficient use of materal flows, waste prevention and resource management concepts.
FAST for Hydrogen

Established in Milan in 1897, FAST is a non-profit, independent organisation that represents 27 national scientific and technical...

Private finance for energy efficiency: New solutions for funding Europe’s energy transition Whilst the EU has increased the amount of public funds available for energy efficiency, there is a need to further unlock private financing. Read these tips by CORDIS!
Barcelona going green during the pandemic - Chris Knight Barcelona works to maje the city greener and climate resilient after the COVID-19 crisis. 
How Križevci’s residents created Croatia’s first crowdfunded solar power plant

The Croatian city of Križevci is becoming a national pioneer in the fight for clean energy and against energy poverty. Located not far from the capital Zagreb in central...

EPCs with Result Guarantee in the Dolomites [IT]

Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) with Guarantee of Result (GR), for energy requalification of buildings and public street lighting, at Zero cost for public administrations, also breach...