Fill in the questionnaire for ESCO Market Report 2018 EC JRC regularly publishes the ESCO Market Report. To compile the 2018 report, they are aiming to collect specific information about the national ESCO market in various countries.
Guide to EPBD Implementation by EuroACE EuroACE has developed a Guide to EPBD Implementation, to help everyone with implementing new requirements on building renovation.
Council signs off on three major clean energy files By 2030, the EU will have to get 32% of its energy from renewables and reach an energy efficiency headline target of 32.5% according to a revised directive adopted by the Council.
Financing energy efficiency in Germany, France and Austria Organised by the European Commission in partnership with the German Ministry of Economics and Energy and the UN Environment Finance Initiative
Boosting integrated home renovation services in Europe Funded by Horizon 2020, EuroPACE project adopts best practices from the US on-tax financing model to develop it outside of America. Developed in 2008 in California...
New approaches to transform the renovation market

Several EU projects are testing new ways to make renovations faster, better, cheaper and more energy efficient, which you can discover in this article.

QualitEE: driving investment in energy efficiency services - Submit a pilot project QualitEE project aims to increase investment in energy efficiency services in the  EU building sector and improve trust in service providers.
Watch the video summary of Master Class 3 The video of the third Master Class is out! Watch it to see how this first Master Class on Module 2 unfolded, and what participants have to say about it.
ManagEnergy Master Class - Call For Application Module 1 Join us in Brussels on 29-31 January to learn about the foundations of project financing and market facilitation. Warning: this will be the last Class on Module 1!