First fire station of the Czech Republic in a passive standard built in the Zlín Region

The Energy Agency of the Zlín Region (EAZK) initiated the construction of a new building for the fire station of the Fire and Rescue Service of the region in passive standard. Its construction was supported by the Operational Programme Environment (OPE) and it is the first fire station in the passive standard in the Czech Republic as well as the first passive building of the public sector in the Zlín Region.

The former fire station was located in the already unsuitable premises of the building, owned by the town of Holešov together with volunteer firefighters. With its limited capacity and current layout, this building did not allow for the modernisation necessary to ensure the ability of professional firefighters to act. Therefore, the need arose to build a new building fit for professional firefighters including a modern workshop which would serve as a garage for modern firefighting equipment.

Through their educational activities, EAZK convinced the fire station management of the benefits of the passive standard of buildings and processed an application for a 30 % subsidy for the 61st call of the Ministry of the Environment within the OPE 2014 - 2020.

The requirements and goals imposed on the new building of the fire station in terms of energy selfsufficiency were:

  • to implement an environmentally-friendly construction with low energy consumption using renewable energy resources;
  • to create a quality indoor environment for the service of professional firefighters.

As a result, the first building of the fire station in the passive standard in the Czech Republic was constructed within 13 months with only only 96 kWh / m2.year of non-renewable primary energy, specific annual heat demand for heating only 11 kWh / m2.year and, heated floor area 1,138 m2:

  • Total implementation costs including project preparation were CZK 59.9 million (approx. €2,22M.). Costs breakdown:  
    • OP Environment (ERDF): CZK 14.9 million (approx. €552.000)
    • Subsidy of the Zlín Region: CZK 5.0 million (approx. €185.000)
    • State budget of the Czech Republic (Ministry of the Interior): CZK 40.0 million (€1,48M.).

The implementation of this project is in accordance with the Energy Action Plan and the Energy Efficiency Financing Plan of the Zlín Region. It is a modern building with low operating costs, built at a lower cost than similar buildings in a low energy standard. As the first building in the passive standard in the Zlín Region, this fire station building has become a functional model for the construction of similar types of buildings in both the public and private sector.