Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca (in Spanish)

Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca is the cornerstone of the European Green Hysland project which aims to accelerate the deployment of the infrastructures needed to make a renewable hydrogen ecosystem a reality in Mallorca.

Green Hysland is also part of the “Hydrogen Roadmap: a commitment to renewable hydrogen” approved last October by the Government of Spain, which seeks to make the country a leader in the production and use of renewable hydrogen by reaching 4GW of production capacity by 2030.  

Get to know more Green Hysland by joining Sedigas on 25th February for a presentation of Power to Green Hydrogen! This event brings together four of the main drivers of the Power to Green Hydrogen project in Mallorca, ACCIONA, CEMEX, ENAGAS and REDEXIS.


09:30h Presentation

Joan Batalla,President of SEDIGAS.

09:35h Intervention

Santiago González, IDAE*.

09:50h Power to Green Hydrogen Project, Mallorca

María Jaén, General Coordinator of the Green Hysland Project of ENAGAS

Antonio Cases, Head of Public Affairs of CEMEX

Cristina Rezusta, Manager of Energy Innovation Management of ACCIONA

Miguel Mayrata,Director of Business Diversification of REDEXIS

Modera: Javier Fernández, Director of Regulation and Legal Services of NEDGIA

President of the Think Tank de Sedigas for the study of the injection and storage of hydrogen in natural gas infrastructures

11:00h Questions and closing

Thursday, February 25, 2021